Godmother sau povestea iepurelui - Play



The theatrical play "Godmother sau Povestea Iepurelui" came from Romania/Bucharest to USA/Chicago on May 27, 2019

This event was possible with the amazing contribution of   "Lugera & Makler Romania", "Authentic Society for Language and Romanian Culture", "Stan Mansion", "Asociatia Artlight" și "Școala de actorie InLight"!  

Spectacol câștigător al premiilor: "Cel mai bun spectacol începatori", "Cel mai original text", "Premiul Unteatru", "Cel mai bun actor" și "Cea mai bună actriță" în cadrul InLight Theatre Festival - Festival de piese imperfecte 2018!  

O piesa de teatru fantastica despre o familie ca a a ta, în care nu predomină binele sau răul, în care membrii nu sunt fericți sau nefericiți, în care cromatica de păreri, situații, relații și perspective e complexă. Această familie a  înțeles că ceea ce i-a adus aici și-i va purta mai departe este haosul din deciziile lor. Interesant e că în acest caz haosul din decizii este cel care te crește.   

Dacă te regăsești vino să ne cunoști pe 27 Mai la Stan Mansion, Chicago!  

Distribuția: Alina Tița, Dragoș Simion, Mădălina Gogu, Gabriel Cojocaru, Ioana Asofiei, Oana State, Cristina Săvuică, Maria Ciobanu, Clara Caradimu, Raluca Damian, Robi Urs.  

Spectacoul este o producție a Centrului de Creație InLight, unul dintre cele mai cunoscute hub-uri de teatru și film din România! 

7th Free International Children’s Day Festival - June 2nd, 2019



Authentic Society for Language and Romanian Culture joined for the first time (on June 2nd) the  Children's International Festival at the 7th edition of Annual Free International Children's Day Event!  

Our organisation represented Romania with an amazing booth where the visitors had chance  to find more about Romania and learned few words in Romanian language.

A magnificent day, celebrating INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S DAY at Saint Paul Woods Forest Preserve in Morton Grove from 11am to 6 pm!  

This event encourages creativity, exploration, and a reminder that children are the most valuable assets of our society.   

ALL FREE Activities include:  

Amazing child singers Children’s folkloric dances Petting Zoo & Pony Rides Exotic Animal Show Mad Science Photography Lessons Fun Language Classes in Various Languages Painting Lessons Jewelry Design Lessons Design Your Own T-shirt Mini Chess Tournament Hip Hop and Ballet Mix  Dance Lessons Interactive Martial Arts Show DJ Mini World Cup Hairbraiding Face painting ...and more!!!  


"Mircea Eliade vs. Social Media" workshop


On Saturday, April 20, 2019 at Chicago Public Library - Roden Branch located at  6083 N Northwest Hwy, Authentic Society for Language and Romanian Culture in partnership with North American Romanian Press Association (NARPA) invited the Romanian Community from Chicago to an unforgettable debate about the historian, philosopher, short story writer, journalist, essayist and novelist MIRCEA ELIADE. He was one of the twentieth century's most groundbreaking and influential historians of religion, chairman of the Department of the History of Religions at the University of Chicago and a global leading interpreter of religious experience, who established paradigms in religious studies that persist to this day. The journalist Marian Petruta  released some manuscripts founded in the Special Collections Research Center, University of Chicago .

Untamed Romania - Documentary



Untamed Romania - more than just a documentary! ,,This film is a unique production that reveals the beauty of Romania as it is: raw, magical but fragile at the same time.,, 

This screening took place on May 9, 7 PM at Stan Mansion

Authentic Society for Language and Romanian Culture in partnership (for the first time) with  Alianţa  presented the documentary Untamed Romania on May 9, in celebration of Europe Day. The event was under the patronage of the General Consulate of Romania in Chicago and with the support of Of the Fence and Stan Mansion.

The documentary won the Gold - B18 Nature, Environment & Ecology category at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Award 2018.  

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,,Consumer Protection & Fraud Prevention,, Workshop


At the Consulate General of Romania in Chicago suggestion, Authentic Society for Language and Romanian Culture in partnership with  Illinois Attorney General’s Office organised  Consumer Protection & Fraud Prevention Workshop Saturday, May 18,2019 2:00pm at Chicago Public Library Oriole 7454 W. Balmoral Chicago, IL 60656 


- Immigration Fraud Know Your Rights - Immigration Know Your Rights Labor - Issues Know Your Rights Consumer - - Protection Know Your Rights  


Short film "Capra Cu Trei Iezi" (The Goat With Three Kids) by Victor Canache



On March 1, 2019 we celebrated in Chicago the Romanian Martisor as a tradition from immemorial times and cinematic art through the screening of a production inspired by Romanian folklore.

For Romanians, March 1 represents the renewal of time, the triumph of spring on the winter and the rebirth of nature. From love for traditions, director Victor Canache prepared a martisor for all the ladies  who came on Friday, March 1, at 7:00 pm to watch the short film "Capra Cu Trei Iezi" (The Goat With Three Kids).

Filmed in Romania, in the Flowery Shore (Malu' cu Flori) village in Dâmboviţa, the film is the debut of director Victor Canache, adapted according to the story of Ion Creanga,  had the screening on 1 March 2019 at 7.00 PM, at Stan Mansion. Among the main cast are renown Romanian actors Maia Morgenstern and Marius Bodochi; producer Luana Georgita. There was English subtitle.

This event was organized by the Authentic Society for Language and Romanian Culture, under the patronage of the General Consulate of Romania in Chicago and the support of Stan Mansion. 

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Romania in Global Village


On February 15, 2019 Romania was part of Global Village organized at  

Northwestern Pritzker School of Law
 Multiculturalism, cultural diplomacy, diversity & national identity in Global Village. 
Amy Peștenariu  congratulations for bringing Romania in this amazing event along with the other 30 counties.
 Authentic Society for Language and Romanian Culture  was honored to be invited and happy to help you in your mission! An event in partnership with the General Consulate of Romania in Chicago

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Le Festival de la Francophonie - Romania · Film and Music

Romania at the Alliance Francaise Chicago

On March 28, 2019 Romanian evening started with award nominated short-film "My Best Friend,  made in Chicago by movie director Catalin Bugean; We had the whole film cast with us. 

''An Eye for an Eye,,  the art work of multimedia artist Alexander Tsanov impressed the audience! A Romania exhibition about the Romanian Revolution by a your man born in USA with Romanian roots.

The artistic program - music showcase with Anthony Pop, Daniela Ionescu Bisenius, Laura Sisu, and the Ana Munteanu Quartet made us feeling as home for the entire evening.

About ''My Best Friend'' by Catalin Bugean (US, 30 min.) - A newly immigrant family from Romania wants to buy a pig for a Christmas roast, as per Romanian tradition. One stop at the pet shop and the family, elated, is ready to celebrate for Christmas the traditional way, just like they did back home. But this is Chicago so panic, and a very unusual trial ensues…

With Catalin Nicolae, Sergiu Gobjila, Manuela Rentea, Tim Touhy, Reggie Luis Ruivivar, Alexis Green, Ethan Walles, Di Billick and Metz Jeffries

This event was in partnership with the General Consulate of Romania in Chicago



Le Festival de la Francophonie - Romania · Art and Music


 For one night only, Romania comes to the Alliance! - March 29, 2018@ Alliance Francaise

Presented by Alina Cumpan, the president of the Authentic Society for Language and Romanian Culture, and Tiberiu Trifan, the general consul of Romania in Chicago.

We start with the screening of two short films. Way of the Danube (Calea Dunarii) by Sabin Dorohoi follows Ionut, a young boy living in Romania who is confused about his parents’ decision to work outside of the country in order to provide a better life for him. Like Sabin Dorohoi’s previous films, Way of the Danube received numerous honors and awards from around the globe, including being screened during the 2015 Eurovision contest. It will be followed by Romanian theater director Laurentiu Calomfirescu’s Memento, a paradoxical short centered around thievery.

Afterwards, we will be treated to live music by Chicago-Romanian musicians Laura Sisu and Vox Maris Band with Anastasia Caranfil. Laura specializes in Romanian folk music, while Vox Maris Band and Anastasia Caranfil will play pop Romanian rock.

Followed by wine service and an an exhibition of Romanian handicrafts. 

Ileana, Princess of Romania


 September 19, 2018@Stan Mansion  - The performance is based on the novel ,,I live again,, a Memoir of Ileana, Princess of Romania and Archduchess of Austria who in later life became Mother Alexandra, founder of the Orthodox Monastery of the Transfiguration in Pennsylvania.
It is a deep foray into the heart and faith of a woman who served her country not only by bearing the duties her royal birth mandated, but also by taking upon herself to serve Romania as a nurse and leader in times of war and persecution. Her story moves from castles to hospitals, dispensaries and trenches; from her kitchen in New England to the rooms and gardens of her husband's castle of Sonnberg near Vienna; from Bran Castle to the customs houses and other makeshift homes she found for herself and her children in war-torn Romania.
Don't miss two hours of unforgettable emotions during an amazing theatrical performance.  


"Ileana, Princess of Romania", welcomed with great emotion by the Romanian community of Chicago - September 21, 2018.

A production of The Women's Theatre Association IF supported by The National Archives of Romania, UNITER and the Orthodox Monastery of the Transfiguration Ellwood City, the show is touring the US & Canada with support from the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York and various Romanian-American cultural associations. ,,


Romania - 100 Radacini si o privire catre viitor



October 2017 - June 2018 - International Project: Romania - 100 Roots and a Look Forward     

In the light of Romania's 100 years anniversary, this project was created to bring together children with Romanian roots from all over the world.

It challenges their parents and other Romanian mentors they meet, to teach them about Romania's history, the Romanian values and the importance of their identity. 

Romanian children in Diaspora, ages 5 to 14 are invited to bring their own art work, express their knowledge, feelings and understanding of their Romanian heritage in drawings and to bring their art works into the project by February 28th, 2018 on the Facebook page . Will be created and published  in the USA an album with 100 art works carefully selected by the project coordinators, and the best 3 drawings will be awarded.